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www.world.com was a socially-active terrorist group, alive for 2 months in 2009 & 2015, spreading their hyrdo-sensitive ideals and
messages through discreetly-surfacing propoganda in the form of urban, slewish zines and cds, helping cultivate a societal-misimage
amongst a wearily paranoid people

There are a few remaining scans & CDr rips from their active periods, most found under doorways in flat buildings,
stashes of xerox-copies of zine pages found in damp pvc crates behind
doorways, supply closets, etc

We are aware of 19 zines and 3 cdrs from 2009 (only 5 digitalised) and a series of images surfaced from their 2015 presence

2015 :

10 minutes of cd audio dated to their 3rd cdr