GLARBO-9 PRINT is a record distributor from the Glarbo-9 planet, located in 0921481289.
Our main export is the intergalactically famous Earth musician Hannah Bannanah. We sell about 1 million vinyls
a day! . . . Since demand is much lesser in the Earth market we only distribute small editions of Hannah's CDs
which she makes herself and then has our ships distribute.

This is where our operations are based

This picture is from our first business meeting with Hannah in 2019

And here are some pictures of our beautiful planet!
Unfortunately due to bandwidth difficulties across the galaxy, these are the only pictures availiable


DYNAMIC SEMINAR by Blue Mountain Sanctuary with Oprah Winfrey - REISSUE

An issue of 10 CDs, each cover will have a different composition, all hand collaged by Hannah Bannanah. The CDr includes a bonus ambient track at the end and will come with a printed companion story for the album, and a painted insert. There will also be 1 stick of nagchampa incense inside each package because AWWW I CANT RESIST THOSE PUPPY DOG EYES.

Will be sold here: for 8 of Britain's dollers (we have a unified currency on glarbo-9, ur very weird)

You can also listen to the album above ^^ (Sold out!)


An issue of 15, released on x2 CDs - "I managed to sneak these CDs back over from Glarbo-9 after my last blowout tour there, unfortunately they are BOOTLEG
editions of the real tour CDs sold to me by a couple lil aliens in the airport bathroom on the way back, but this is media otherwise reserved for the listeners
over in another galaxy so I think it's worth it!"

The CD inside contains two albums of mine, The Comet and 9/15/1985 Bill Murray I Love You, as well as some otherwise unheard commentary that came from the Glarbo-9 Top of the Pops brainwave show, with some original glarbo-9 music unheard to humans! - To check it out go to: (12/15 in stock)

Also coming soon: REISSUE of Cooking with Kenny Rogers, an Earth best seller book

We are on the pulse of human culture!

GLARBO-9 PRINT is run by an anonymous group of aliems, but they hired a yoga instructor by name of Jay the alien to run the label's operations on Earth...
The label broadcasts information into Earth via this device, hooked up to twitter: Click on it to view the broadcasts! This device also has a 2nd setting which it uses to broadcast via various household objects into a discord server, commonly known as Hannah Bannanah's Fanclub:, if you need to be sold on joining this fan club there is a video to explain:

Other noteable Glarbo-9 aliems are Freddie Freebooter, who Hannah has enlisted in her band after picking him up intergalactically hitchhiking:

And Aien Fred (not to be confused with Freddie Freebooter) who is a known associate of Floridian radio DJ and ex jetski salesman Duck Derby (who, for the record, people should avoid doing business with)...

For archival purposes, clicking on him will take you to duck derby's page but this is by no means an endorsement.