15 Nukelear bombs obliterate the Seattle metropole, nothing of a moment
1. Hot metal into walls
2. A complete and utter disappearance of this defiant USian statue.

Institutionalised entropy compressed like crystals in the concrete, released in vapour and disappearing powder.

fig. 1

The new twin towers which grew from the back of remaining USA was both a drain on cannibalised resources and a growth too traumatic to remove: the new rubble stub of Seattle was first of all: a cultural cash-out: there was an inflation of symbols and meaning in order to sustain the greater importance of real american brick over the pre-obliterated buildings of the hamstrung and vampirised continents, inflating with every subsequent "9/11". From a purely statistical point of view, the count was at: 45/55.

There were fireworks and bombs, celebrations of celebrating as an ecstatic bath poured down on the tribally gathered metropolitans. Raving under the shower of glass and plumes of dust, empty frames and empty bricks flooded the BMI of materialised meaning. A cult of critical anthropologists in hiding almost managed to classify this end-point of human 1 history: A retrograde orgasm of human consciousness. It's muscles had pushed it up, only enough to fall back into the bladder of the human mind... The time limit was removed as pressure lost it's contradictory status. History was halted by it's movers, and the stagnant stage of development was allowed to play out into unwinding entropy. There was a chaotic and disorderly duration given to the process of manufacturing and simulating social reality, creating indistinguishable fakes of reality for a mounting pile of monetary demands : so caked were the backs of billboards and the walls of building 7 (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 etc...). The nest of human (techno-sapien, at the time) intercommunication gave it fresh oxygen and increased the mass greater still. Here at the voluntary end of time, the metaphysical became milligrams. Reinforced cultural poltergeists (-->) gained body mass indexes as the frames that held the simulacra were destroyed. Nowhere to contain this immense, heavy abundance of meaning. Meaning with diminishing returns and the constant expansion of production to assert the truth.

People blissed out, then, as their reality came to conclusion and showered down in an apocalypse of itself. The rave never really ended, autonomous occupied rave with ceremonial and religious rights. The big city was a small tribe in the war-torn internals of a USA extincting itself, contentious divisions within classes tended towards nadir (moved backwards, low-wards, anthropologically) as appearances refused to change while conditions did. The cultural smog became an atmosphere and (in truth) not enough humans existed to make it that complicated. While the people (see above ^^), multiple interlocked bureaucratic decisions set off like a Rube Goldberg machine and a big red button was pressed that sent a message from the President to the US government's slack server. Long-since-invented war technology needed to be macgyvered into working (such was the US's biggest industry and purpose). This process of destruction and tragedy was a beloved and accepted ritual. The capital capitols are entirely dependent on being able to get their hundred year old, high-tech war machines to work - war technology was more expensive than they were, and was the only thing feeding life into what still existed. Such technology needed to obliterate (...) in order to resolve the chemical process, complete the cycle. The neo-primitive, suit-wearing post-techno leadership of the US government were radical and shamanic in how they oversaw the pooling together of the garbage of the centuries gone to continue to power the Power, culture had stopped being enforced directly capital and instead was an illusion of past-capital enforced by the tribe. Everything would seem out of whack, with today's eyes.

fig. 1