A few people have been asking me about commissions for visual-art and covers and stuff,
and like I never considered it before but that sounds like something I'd love to do because
visuals are like my FAVOURITE part of the whole thing! and like I'm super excited about it now so~...

Here I'm going to post some examples of things I've made, and also I'll post previous
comissions here when I have some! There might not be a lot here for a while, sorry :(

If you are interested in maybe commissioning me, asking about something, or even just chatting, please use this email: candlecagepansolar@gmail.com !!

Hand-made Collages:

Y2K Photoshop Hellscapes:

Snipping-tool Crop Art: (there's kinda too much of this for me to represent it with just a few selections but i hope you get the idea :-) )


(i think this is a decent bit of insight: https://twitter.com/hannah19681538/status/904903731392778243 (flattering, i love dagro so much) xoxo)

These are some other misc. visual pieces I've made in the past!

The first is an untitled, very unintended visual piece, sorta just meant to-- show up in your life as if it was real :-) [I originally gave it to people with no context or info, i think if anything like the innate reaction to it is the sorta, what u gain from it :-))] The second is one of 5 pages for a zine I made, and will probably produce at some point!

(thee is a whole suite of art info about this on my page u have 2 find it yourself)