The Collected Writings of Hannah B. Nannah
All the blurb text is written in nail-polish dried like blood


Short story about a trucker who has to transport two objects for an alien who communicated to him over a country radio station, because country is the most streamed radio format - 2/14/21

Critical acclaim: 'some 19 year old who barely leaves her room in nottingham uk can accurately describe the feeling of a rural isolated gas station in the midwest US' - Delphi Solis

Google doc:

BLUE MOUNTAIN SANCTUARY: A yelp review by Randal Pacemaker

Short story, in the form of a yelp review, written as a companion piece to the Blue Mountain Sanctuary album. It was delivered in paper form with the 10 copies of the album released on CDr! - 2/5/21

Google doc:

I will catalogue some older, free-association and album-related writings I've done here eventually :-)
Pic of the ol' writing studio!

I'm working on / sitting on lots of different writing projects at the moment, some are connected to music and some aren't- hopefully soon I'll be able to release these. Poems, short stories, articles, things connected to a net art project i've been discretely brewing... Also an e-magazine project I started with some friends which is really gettin off the ground [emoji of dude rockin out with the metal sign]

Also i'm writing for the indie game 'Dredge Scavenger', being developed by u-mos! Check it out :-)

I will update this page with all these projects as soon as possible!